Years later you can only imagine my surprise when the very person who inspired and influenced me the most, to my great devastation, told me, "You can't make a living selling art." So I dropped it, taking the well-meaning words to bear and embodying the fears and struggles of another in my own heart.

Nearly a decade ago, I received fateful news - news I went into complete denial about, news that changed my life, news that eventually set in motion my freedom from the stigmas of the past. My mother had passed away.

Losing someone you were once so close to, and even idolized, at a fairly young age is traumatic. It was one of the most significant moments of my life. My own mortality set in. I couldn't ignore how precious life is and that I don't have time to squander it on things I don't want.

So, like the 8 of Swords, with the blindfold removed, I realized I was no bound woman and that I could move on and forward, albeit carefully. And a few years later, I had launched my own dream, Faith Works, in honor of my mother.

Now, three years after opening my online doors, you can find me selling as Aradia's Hand, with my mother's lessons ever present in my mind.

About Aradia's Hand

Aradia's Hand is a place to buy spiritually-inspired accessories, jewelry, and decor for yourself and your home.  I cater to Gothic, Bohemian, Eclectic, and Pagan styles but am happy to make anything that speaks to you!

Everything I make hold a piece of my energy and is made in sacred space with the highest good.  I cleanse and bless everything I make with Reiki.

I want to help bring handmade back to the public.  For people to again have a connection and appreciation for their possessions without being a slave to them.

One of the bottom lines of my business is to put the humanity and heart into what you own with awareness.

Aradia's Hand was inspired by the talent and drive of the late Stephanie Wheeler and Cottage Crafts.

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